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Cycle Carriers For Life!

Since the last century, the MAXXRAXX brand has stood for a fantastic and lifelong solution for transporting bikes.

Over the years there have been regular improvements, sometimes guided by legislation, but more often reacting to customer feedback or our use of the carrier.
With a comprehensive selection of carriers for both bike and ski/snowboard transportation, we continue to be the best in class.

We are available via our contact page and messenger, to answer any queries that you don't find the answer to on our site.

Kind regards from the family MAXXRAXX

Max and Daniel

Max and Daniel of MaxxRaxx


MAXXRAXX Trading Limited is the sole licensed seller of MAXXRAXX bike carriers and accessories. We specialise in providing bike transportation on your tow bar. We sell directly to the end user and to re-sellers based in the UK.

What it is about

MAXXRAXX Trading Limited provides cyclists with an all-year-round, lifetime carrier for your bikes wherever you go, whether as a family or group of friends. Our cycle-carrying options include a facility for towing at the same time. We keep up with changes in the cycle market to provide solutions for transporting your bikes. We are committed to a personal customer service which keeps you, the customer, at the centre.

The Team

Currently Max, the founder, provides support regarding the product, fitting of the product, and is passing on his knowledge and expertise. His son, Daniel, is taking over the reins into 2020 and beyond. A family succession that ensures core values are maintained in the company, so that MAXXRAXX Trading Limited will continue to market a product that can be relied upon.

The Product

The MAXXRAXX cycle carrier was originally developed for 2-bolt flange 50mm tow bars. Advances and increased demand in the market has seen the Tow and Carry range expand to include swan-neck tow bars as well as 2-bolt flange. MAXXRAXX now also provides a Just-Carry option. The design has basically stayed the same, while improvements in the adaptor bring enhanced security and ease of use. The evolution of cycle design requires responsive changes in our system to cater for the demands of this growing market. We believe our specific hang-on design offers unique benefits to rival any platform rack as the best and most efficient way to carry bikes on a vehicle.

Where it is manufactured

The MAXXRAXX was originally manufactured in the UK, before moving to China. Now manufacture has returned to the UK, where it will remain. While certain accessories are sourced from elsewhere, the company is committed to manufacturing the core product in the UK.

How it is sold

Online and through retail outlets

Where can I buy it?

Directly from our website, or from one of our re-sellers, or via eBay or Amazon.

How do I know if I can use it?

If you have a tow bar fitted to your vehicle, you can use it.

Where can I use it?

Anywhere… from motorway to off-road. Although, if you're travelling abroad, please check the requirements of the country you are travelling to or through.

When can I use it?

All year round

Can I carry anything else on a MAXXRAXX?

With MAXXRAXX winter accessories, you can transport skis and snowboards.

Our Customer service

In house personal service. We record all calls for training and monitoring purposes. We do not record calls when personal information or card details are being taken. All recordings of calls are deleted within 1 week unless they are required for further information.

Our re-sellers

All our re-sellers are reputable firms which provide products and services to the leisure and vehicle aftermarkets in the UK.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We provide a 5 year guarantee wherever this Logo is found.