"I have just finished speaking with a very upset MAXXRAXX customer who has had his bikes stolen from his rack. He left the vehicle with the bikes on the rack in place on his drive, but he had failed to use the MAXXRAXX security cable and padlock provided to secure the bikes on the rack! This in-built security device is there for a reason! It acts as a deterrent for the opportunist thief and if this particular customer would have used it, by his own cognition, his bikes would not have been stolen."

Secure your bikes

Remember...... if you are leaving the rack unattended, please, please make sure you secure it using the security cable and 2 MAXXRAXXx Padlocks.

All the best
P.S Don't make the same mistake as this customer.

Eddie W and four other cyclists have just completed their Tower 2 Tower challenge using a MAXXRAXX cycle carrier to transport their bikes.
This is part of a series of sponsored events called Year of Madness, the brainchild of Eddie W which is attempting to complete 12 different events during 12 months. More details on the full schedule are at the Madness 4 Charity
Eddie was joined by John M, Jonathan S, Garrath K and Gareth B to form a team of 5 cyclists in the Tower 2 Tower challenge. Tamsyn H acted as their support driver.
The team left from Blackpool Tower on Monday 4th June and arrived in Paris on Friday 8th June, completing 140 miles on the final day.

The original planned Route was as follows:

    • Day 1 Blackpool FY1 4BJ to Nantwich CV5 7PN 78.09 miles Elevation gain: 1371 ft
    • Day 2 Nantwich CV5 7PN to Warwick CV33 9TL 76.33 miles Elevation gain: 1729 ft
    • Day 3 Warwick CV33 9TL to Bray SL6 2EF 66.13 miles Elevation gain: 1850 ft
    • Day 4 Bray SL6 2EF to Newhaven BN9 0BG 70.25 miles Elevation gain: 1591 ft
    • Day 5 Dieppe to Paris 108 miles Elevation gain: 1818 ft
    • Insert

Leading up to this event all 6 have been involved in various sponsored events including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the National 3 peaks challenge (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon within 24 hours), 6 peaks and 500 miles (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, The Yorkshire 3 peaks and Snowdon and cycling the 500 miles in between), Tour de Lancs (300 miles round the outskirts of Lancashire) and more than 1 marathon. In total they have raised in excess of £25,000 for a variety of worthy causes.
The Tower 2 Tower challenge will raise money for an amazing charity Derian House Children’s Hospice. The hospice provides specialist care & support for children and young people with a life threatening illness. The hospice is open 365 days a year and the care is completely free to families. With more than £2.85 million needed each year, it remains almost totally reliant on voluntary funding. Sponsor them at

(This has been pulled from the archives of 2012) However there is still a website for Year of Madness. See what they have been up to since this was written in 2012. chapeau events

Why use a tow bar to carry bikes? After all, there are cheaper bike racks on the market.

Well, there are plenty of reasons, not least that tow-bar bike-carrying systems are the safest and most secure way to transport bikes. If there is an insurance claim, then usually the terms are that the bikes are required to be locked to the carrier and the carrier to the vehicle.
With a MAXXRAXX carrier, both these boxes are ticked.

Let’s look at the other reasons:

  • A tow bar provides a strong and secure place to carry a load such as your bikes, up to five bikes on certain vehicles.
  • The cycle carrier is at the ideal height to make loading and unloading simple and easy.
  • The bikes are held clear of the vehicle preventing damage to either your car or the bikes.
  • Roof mounted bike carriers are difficult to use and they significantly increase fuel consumption.
  • The total cost of a tow-bar and bike-rack is similar to buying a roof-mounted system.
  • The latest tow bars can be detached or retracted, are simple to use, and are virtually invisible when detached/retracted.

But why not check out our website and see our own unique, specially designed MAXXRAXX tow bar carrier system for yourself?

Kind regards,
Max Burgess

How secure will my bikes be with a MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier?

This is one of the questions we get asked a lot by cyclists. Like you, they want to be sure that every part of the bike-rack system they use is going to keep their bikes secure while they’re driving.
Our answer is that MAXXRAXX bike-racks will keep your bikes completely secure. For a start, all MAXXRAXX cycle-carriers are made from structural steel for maximum strength. As well as being very sturdy, our bike-racks are specially treated against rust and then powder-coated to ensure the best durability possible. Not only can you carry a full load of adult bikes, but they will also look great throughout the many years of use you will have from your MAXXRAXX bike-rack. That’s the bike-rack frame. But there’s more...
The MAXXRAXX cycle-carrier uses unique, specially designed cradles for your bikes. And it employs a strong and simple ratchet system, similar to that used on lorries to hold large loads, to hold the crossbar of each bike firmly on the cradles.
The system is quick and easy to use, while being extremely powerful. So, not only can you load and unload your bikes in minutes, you can relax knowing that they are completely secure on the rack while you are driving.

Kind regards,
Max Burgess

Don't make it easy for bike thieves...

Bike theft is still a huge problem for cyclists as the statistics show: over 381,000 bike thefts took place in the period from April 2014 to March 2015. Each one of those incidents resulted in someone losing a much-valued bike (or bikes). Not all of those people could afford to replace the stolen bikes. Some even gave up cycling for good. That’s why it’s so important for you to keep your bikes secure at all times. It’s not enough to strap your bike to your car with a few bungee cords. You’re just making it easy for thieves. You need to lock your bike too. Remember, your bikes are not insured if they are not locked.
We take bike security very seriously at MAXXRAXX. That’s why all our bike racks come with an inbuilt security system. It means your bikes are locked to the MAXXRAXX bike rack with a built-in security cable and then the rack itself is locked to the tow bar. The MAXXRAXX bike rack even comes complete with two padlocks and spare keys.
So, when you leave your car to grab a coffee or a meal, you can be sure your bikes are completely safe from opportunistic thieves.

If you have any questions about the MAXXRAXX security system or even bike racks in general, we’ll be delighted to help. Just call us now on Tel: 01825 729460

Kind regards,
Max Burgess

Here's what our customers have said about us...

We are enormously proud of the relationships we’ve built over many years with our customers. We’re also proud of the fact that they keep buying from us (a sure sign that they continue to rate our products and customer service very highly!).
But you don’t have to take our word for it… here’s what just a few of our customers have said about us…

“Over the years, I have had several carriers that clip to the boot of the car, all of which have not secured the bikes adequately. The MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier gives me confidence when taking the bikes away on family holiday. I would recommend the MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier to anyone who is serious about transporting their bikes safely, securely and with confidence every time.” Martyn Gollop, Dorset
“Having just purchased a MAXXRAXX Premier (4-bike), I thought some feedback would be appropriate. Absolutely fantastic!!! It’s just so easy to set up, and all the bikes stay rock solid while you are on the move. The build quality is 1st class and it packs away very easily.” Rick Walker, Essex
“I'd certainly recommend MAXXRAXX (and indeed have) to anyone looking for a tow bar mounted bike rack. I've been using mine regularly for 6 years now on 4 different cars and have been really impressed. Its simplicity of use is marvellous and is far less hassle than other tow bar racks I've used and leaves boot mounted ones in its dust. The ability to use both the tow bar & the boot (we have 2 dogs as well) at the same time as the rack while on holiday is a real benefit as well. The ability to fold it down afterwards just makes it all the more remarkable.” Si McNally, Nantwich, Cheshire

Now let us take care of you in the same way.

If you have any questions about MAXXRAXX or even bike racks in general, we’ll be delighted to help. Just call us now on Tel: 01825 729460.
Or look through our website now to see MAXXRAXX Cycle Carriers for yourself.

Kind regards,
Max Burgess

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