Padlocks Pair Keyed Alike - Tow & Carry

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Pair of ASEC Padlocks - Keyed Alike (For ALL Tow and Carry MAXXRAXX Tow Bar Mounted Cycle carriers) Note: If you order multiple packs, each pack may be to a different key number

Product Features

PACK CONTAINS 2 PADLOCKS (2 keys per padlock) - For ALL Tow and Carry MAXXRAXX Tow Bar Mounted Cycle carriers (Flange type or Swan Neck type Adaptor fitted to vehicle Tow Bar)

These padlocks have a body which is made from solid brass with a hardened steel shackle of 40mm. They are suitable for medium security requirements and are also suitable where a strong requirement for service performance and longevity is required. The padlock locking is automatic and does not require a key.

At MaxxRaxx we look to provide the highest standard of security for your bicycles. Whilst they are located on the MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier and your vehicle. We always select third party products which have sustainability. Making sure they last for as long as you have and need them.

If you are interested in improving your security via the padlocks please don't hesitate to call us on 01825 729460 or email or by using our chat feature. We will be happy to discuss the options available to you through our third party suppliers and provide a solution to your requirements.