Legal Carry Kit - Standard

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Product Code: 30LB01
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Carry cycles on the MAXXRAXX meeting the legal requirements when NOT towing at the same time

The MAXXRAXX Legal Carry Kit is specifically added to our Just Carry Range of Tow Ball Mounted Cycle carriers. Available as a 30LB01 with standard lights on a 3ft cycle carrier lightboard or the new for 2019 30LB02 LED light 3ft cycle carrier lightboard

The Legal Carry Kits all come with our Lightboard Hanger designed for your MAXXRAXX Bike Carrier

The EasyFixx range does not allow for towing at the same time. It is a legal requirement for vehicles to show a percentage of the number plate and lights of the vehicle.

In line with current legislation: (Found at

6. A vehicle which carries a load or equipment which obscures any obligatory lamp, reflector or rear marking. Either a) the obligatory lamp, reflector or rear marking shall be transferred to position on the vehicle, load or equipment where it is not obscurred; or b) an additional lamp, reflector or rear marking shall be fitted to the vehicle, load or equipment.

All the installation, performance and maintenance requirements relating to obligatory lamps, reflectors or rear markings shall in either case be complied with.

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