MAXXRAXX S-Tube Pioneer

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Originally designed for the Land Rover Discovery in the early 2000's. The 20ST43 provides up to 21cm’s offset for the EasyFixx range of Just Carry and up to 15cm’s offset for the FlangeFixed and Swan NeckFixed Tow and Carry range. The Pioneer is also a good option if you have a vehicle with a straight back such as a van, or motorhome to give more space for the handle bars of your bikes keeping them away from your vehicle.

The 20ST43 has the largest offset available. When located on our Just Carry range (EasyFixx Adaptor) you will get 31cm clearance from the top of the tow ball. When located on our Tow and Carry range (FlangeFixed or Swan NeckFixed Adaptors you will get 25cm clearance from the rear most face of the Adaptor.

Not all vehicles with rear wheels attached will require as big an offset as 31 or 25cm’s. Therefore, check the distances and if up to 21cm’s is enough room opt for the Pioneer 20ST43.

Please Note: If you change either to or from a vehicle with a rear mounted spare wheel you will need a different upright or "S" - tube. In certain circumstances you may also need to replace the FOOT of your carrier. We also provide up-grade/Conversion kits to cover specific situations.

Technical Information

    • Has from 15cm offset.
    • Manufactured and fabricated from Structural Steel.
    • Finished with a Matt Black Powder Coating.