MAXXRAXX Flange Fixed Adaptor Kit - Left

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Product Code: 20FT13
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MAXXRAXX LH FlangeFixed Adaptor

The MAXXRAXX FixedFlange Adaptor 20FT13 is a Tow and Carry option already designed to cater for ALKO or Winterhoff stabiliser (just make sure you get the right Two bolt Tow Ball if you do have a stabiliser).

The 20FT13 comes with 2xM16x60mm Bolts with M16 Nyloc Nuts as standard. This adaptor is usually used with the Explorer S-Tube 20ST42 and Pioneer S-Tube 20ST43, and can be used with the Voyager S-Tube 20ST44 if your electrics are on the left of your tow ball.