MAXXRAXX EasyFixx Adaptor

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The EasyFixx Adaptor is now Tamperproof! (TP)

The EasyFixx Adapter attaches directly onto the ball of the tow bar and is therefore for carrying bicycles only and not for towing and carrying at the same time. It is particularly suitable for use with a retractable tow bar but will work on any 50mm tow ball, whether swan neck or flange.

It is for use with the following S-Tubes (Uprights) only; Voyager EasyFixx 20ST45, Explorer (formerly 4x4) 20ST42 and Pioneer (formerly Discovery) 20ST43 S–Tubes. It must not be used with either of the two Voyager Flange S-Tubes, 20ST41 or 20ST44 as both of these will position the load off-centre. Such incorrect usage of the product will invalidate the guarantee. 

The EasyFixx Adaptor TP can be used with your original 4x4 (Explorer) 20ST42 or Discovery (Pioneer) 20ST43 S–Tube. The EasyFixx Adaptor TP will fit directly onto your tow ball, converting any original Explorer (4x4) or Pioneer (Discovery) flange ball or swan neck MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier to be mounted directly on to any 50mm tow ball.

To convert an existing Voyager (formerly Premier) flange 10MA.. or Tow & Carry Swan Neck 10SN.. or 10SNA.. carrier to an EasyFixx (Just Carry) bike rack, you will require either the 30EF11 or 30EF21 Conversion Kit. Both of these conversion kits include a Voyager EasyFixx S-Tube 20ST45 to replace the sideways offset flange or Swan Neck S-Tubes, i.e. Voyager (formerly Premier) Right 20ST41 or Voyager Left 20ST44 S-Tubes (Uprights) of your original carrier. These are not suitable for use with our EasyFixx Adaptors because they position the load off-centre as the EasyFixx adapter is in line with the ball of the tow bar. This would unbalance the load causing undue stress loading on the adapter, constituting incorrect usage and thus invalidating the guarantee.

If your current carrier does not have a Cam Bolt 60CB02, you will require the 30EF21 EasyFixx with Voyager S-Tube & Cam Bolt or equivalent upgrade/conversion kit.

If your current carrier has a Cam Bolt 60CB02, you will require the 30EF11 EasyFixx and Voyager S-Tube upgrade/conversion kit.

The EasyFixx Bracket comes complete with a 8mm Pin Hex Driver and a handy EasySac storage pouch to keep the bracket in when not in use.