MAXXRAXX Lightboard Hanger

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MAXXRAXX Lighting Board Bracket

If any rear light or number plate is obscured, or partially obscured, when carrying your bikes, you are legally required to fit a lighting board. Ideal size for use with a cycle carrier. Supplied with its own bracket which is specially designed for use with any MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier.

The Lighting Board Bracket is an accessory that enables you to attach a Lighting Board to your MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier. It can be bought separately as a 15LB01 or as part of our Legal Carry Kit 30LB01 with standard Lightboard or 30LB02 with LED Lightboard.

Features and Benefits of the Lightboard Bracket

The Lighting Board Bracket has been specially designed for use with any MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier. Fixes positively to the carrier eliminating the need to strap or bungee cord the lighting board to the bicycles. Clamps any standard lighting board with a simple screw adjustment using a 6mm Allen key. Also available are Number Plate Clips so you can remove your Plate at any time.

Always remember to take it off when you park up and leave your vehicle unattended and then remember to put it back when you set off again.