MAXXRAXX EasyFixx Voyager Conversion Kit

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To convert an existing Voyager (formerly Premier) flange or Tow & Carry Swan Neck Carrier to an EasyFixx (Just Carry) bike rack, you will require either the 30EF11 or 30EF21 Conversion Kit. Both of these conversion kits include a Voyager EasyFixx S-Tube to replace the sideways offset flange or swan neck S-Tubes. Voyager (formerly Premier) Right 20ST41 or Voyager Left 20ST44 S-Tubes (Uprights) of your original carrier, as these are not suitable for use with our EasyFixx Adaptors.

If your current carrier does not have a Clamp Bolt 60CB01, you will require the 30EF21 EasyFixx with Voyager S-Tube & Cam Bolt or equivalent upgrade/conversion kit.