MAXXRAXX 4 Bicycle Voyager Swan Neck Tow and Carry Cycle Carrier

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Product Code: 10SN41/10SNA41
Weight: 13 kg

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The 4 Bicycle Voyager Swan NeckFixed Cycle Carrier Black is for use on a swan neck tow bar and has a maximum load capacity of 80kg. All MAXXRAXX Cycle Carriers have a tilting facility, an inbuilt security cable, and our unique ratchet tie-down mechanism. They come supplied with fixing bolts, locating pins and 2 padlocks for added security. All our cycle carriers are robustly built from structural steel and this one is finished in a textured matt black powder coating. Its modular design allows the Cycle Carrier to be converted as and when you require it. Whether you increase or decrease the number of bicycles, or you change your vehicle and/or Tow Bar type.

Please note: We can only approve a swan neck fixed tow and carry adaptor for your vehicle if our swan neck adaptor fitting form has been completed and we have confirmed suitability for your tow bar. The adaptor can only be fitted by one of our authorised fitters.

10SN41-Standard / 10SNA41-ALKO friendly – VOYAGER TOW AND CARRY

Features & Benefits of the MAXXRAXX 4 Bike Voyager Swan Neck Cycle Carrier

Setting Up and Getting going

  • Cycle carrier is fixed on the neck of the tow bar, leaving the tow ball free for towing a trailer or caravan at the same time as carrying your bicycles. (Fixed or detachable versions).
  • Lightweight carrier (13kg) with a load capacity of 80kg, suitable for carrying up to 4 bicycles (75KG S-Value required for this carrier). PLEASE CHECK YOUR NOSE WEIGHT RATING/ S-VALUE OF YOUR TOW BAR IF WEIGHT OF CYCLES EXCEEDS 75KG
  • Carrier dimensions: height above tow ball ?cm, length ?cm
  • Tilts with bicycles loaded for easy access to the rear of your vehicle.
  • Bicycles are gripped firmly and held clear of your vehicle to prevent damage to paintwork and keeps them in line with the S-Tube whilst you tilt the cycle carrier.
  • Easy to fit and use, no extra straps required to secure the bicycles.
  • Strong ratchet and MAXXRAXX Cycle Cradles hold bicycles securely.
  • Can be taken apart for easy storage. A specially designed MaxxRaxx Kit Bag (15KB02) is available as an optional accessory.
  • NB. AUXX Safety Straps are included in our 4 Bicycle Cycle Carriers. They come as a standard 15AS02 (Black). However, also available are our 15AS04 (DayGlo) AUXX Safety Straps Kit. If you would prefer this option please contact us for further information. 

Bicycle Security whilst on the Cycle Carrier

  • Built-in security cable can be locked into the Top Beam with one of the keyed alike padlocks supplied securing the bicycles to the carriers. The carrier is locked to the tow ball adaptor with the second of the keyed alike padlocks supplied. 

Be Seen, Be Legal when carrying cycles and not towing at the same time

  • MAXXRAXX Legal Carry Kit available, (item: 30LB01) to comply with legal requirements when rear lights and/or number plate are obscured or partially obscured. (Please note MAXXRAXX do not supply vehicle registration plates. These can be obtained from car accessory shops or tow bar/trailer centres. Please note you will require your V5 document along with proof of name and residence e.g Driver’s License). Also available the MAXXRAXX LED Legal Carry Kit (30LB02).

Other benefits and features when Towing and Carrying

  • "Tow and Carry" leaves your tow ball free to enable towing at the same time, even with an AL-KO stabiliser. If you are using an AL-KO stabiliser you must use an AL-KO style MAXXRAXX SWAN NECKFIXED ALKO Adaptor, as required by the AL-KO manufacturer. Please read our tow and carry guidance. Please contact us for this information.
  • The Towing Height Extension (20ET42) may be required to enable the wheels of the bicycles to clear the Jockey Wheel handle on the A-frame of the trailer or caravan. (20ET40 if you already have the AUXX Safety Strap Kit).
  • The modular design allows the carrier to be taken apart for easy storage and stored in the specially designed MAXXRAXX Kitbag (15KB02) available as an optional accessory. The MAXXRAXX Wall Bracket (15WB01) is available as an optional extra for secure storage of your bicycles at home or work.

Important information

  • Due to the specific fitting requirements of the Swan Neck Adaptor, DIY fitting is not permitted. The unit must be fitted by one of our trained and approved fitters.
  • To find out if your swan neck tow bar complies with the fitting requirements, please complete the enquiry form to see if your tow bar is suitable… Swan Neck Tow Bar Bike Rack Fitting Form.
  • If your tow bar is suitable for our tow and carry Swan NeckFIXED adaptor we will advise you of your nearest approved fitter.
  • To work out how many bikes you will be able to carry on your MAXXRAXX while towing, please check our Towing Clearance Chart.
  • If you have a Two Bolt Flange tow bar fixed or detachable and want to Tow and Carry, we have an option. Please contact us directly for further information.
  • You can tow and carry at the same time with this model of our cycle carriers.
  • Always use the Legal Carry Kit when you are not towing and carrying cycles.
  • Do not exceed your tow bar or vehicles nose weight rating/ S-Value.


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