MAXXRAXX Tow Height Extension Kit

£ 37.50
Product Code: 20ET40
Weight: 3 kg

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Available for our Tow and Carry Range of cycle carriers.

Raise your bicycles another 30cm with the Towing Height Extension Kit, in order to clear Jockey Wheel handles, gas bottles, etc. on your caravan's A-frame. It is supplied with a special long shackle padlock, which locks the Towing Height Extension to the upright (S-Tube) of your MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier.

All 3, 4 and 5 cycle carriers are supplied with 2 AUXX Safety Straps so you need only purchase the basic height extension (20ET40).

The Towing Height Extension requires 2 AUXX Safety Straps to restrain the raised load. It is essential that both AUXX Safety Straps are always employed when using the Height Extension.

Our 2 cycle carriers are supplied without AUXX Safety Straps as none are needed in normal circumstances. If you are buying or already own a 2 cycle carrier and wish to use the Height Extension Kit, you require the kit (20ET42) which includes 2 AUXX Safety Straps (15AS02).

15AS04 DayGlo are also available.

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