Buying a MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier For Life

Below we hope we can answer most, if not all of your questions, so you can make that purchase and get the best bike carrier for your needs. Ok, so we're biased, but please read on...

What is a MAXXRAXX?

MAXXRAXX is the UK brand of a tow bar/ball mounted bike carrier designed to last for a very longtime.

There is a lot of duplication across our ranges, but that is purposely done to ensure our rack works with whatever vehicle you have now as well as the one you have tomorrow; when we say this is a cycle carrier for life, we mean it. It is made to last and, whatever vehicle you have now we have an option, whatever vehicle you have in the future, we have another option. However many bicycles you want to carry, we have an option (but please don’t forget your minimum nose weight rating). This Cycle Carrier can be part of your journeys for life.

MAXXRAXX bike carriers come with three points of security across both ranges of the Tow and Carry, and have an extra point of security in our Just Carry range.

The 3 Points plus 1

  • Integrated Security Cable

    The integrated security cable is housed inside every top beam across our ranges. We advise that the cable should be passed over the bikes and then located in the hook area at the ratchet end of the beam for it to be secured in padlock position 1 for insurance policy purposes.
  • Padlock position 1

    Padlock position 1 is located in the hook area below and behind the ratchet.
  • Padlock position 2

    Padlock position 2 is located at the base of the racks and secures the Pivot Pin. The Pivot Pin has been specifically designed with a hole which you can feed the second padlock through and therefore secure the S-Tube to the Adaptor, whether you have one of the FlangeFixed, Swan NeckFixed or EasyFixx range. Another purpose of the position 2 padlock is to ensure that the Pivot Pin cannot fall out, so it is essential that this padlock is inserted and used at all times!
  • EasyFixx Tamperproof Adaptor

    The EasyFixx Tamperproof Adaptor, new in 2019, has had its security improved by way of a Pin Hex Screw located through the back plate, below the foam pad. Although this screw is used primarily for tightening and fixing the adaptor onto your tow ball, we have provided a security aspect to this so that only you can undo the adaptor. The Adaptor when assembled at MAXXRAXX also has a further 4 security points. Two security one-way nuts on the round-headed bolts and two further security screws.

Which MAXXRAXX is suitable for my car and my needs?

MAXXRAXX has two main ranges of carrier types for your tow bar

Just Carry

The Just Carry range of MAXXRAXX Cycle Carriers are Tow Ball Mounted only, therefore only allowing the carrying of bicycles.
The Adaptor for this is the EasyFixx.
You cannot tow and carry at the same time with this range of our cycle carriers.

Tow and Carry

The Tow and Carry Range of MAXXRAXX Cycle Carriers is split in to two further options to accommodate the two types of tow bar most used in the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: You must calculate what your Nose Weight Rating is before you decide how many bikes you can carry on your Tow Bar whilst towing a caravan or trailer. This is very important that you consider this. Not all vehicles will be able to take the full number of bikes you wish to carry. If you require any assistance on this please contact us and send an email with the following info;

  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle year

With the above information we can then provide you with an understanding of the NWR for your vehicle. We will also provide you with a confirmation of the expected Kg load for our cycle carriers and bikes up to 4 including our understanding of weights of bikes both standard and E-bikes. We hope this information will provide you with the numbers you need to calculate and a total to determine if you can carry bikes whilst towing or the limit of how many you can carry whilst towing.

  1. Two Bolt Flange Type - Fixed or Detachable
  2. Swan Neck - Fixed or Detachable

Two Bolt Flange Type tow bars - fixed or detachable - have been the most popular in the UK; our FixedFlange Adaptor can easily be fitted (DIY) for our bike racks, leaving the tow ball free for towing. Please note; If you are towing with an ALKO Stabiliser then make sure you have an ALKO tow ball bolted on. (All our FlangeFixed Adaptors are designed to accommodate an ALKO stabilizer whether used or not.)

Swan Neck Type tow bars come as fixed or detachable and are now starting to outnumber the two bolt flange tow bars, since they tend to be supplied as factory fitted equipment.

A further development of the swan neck tow bar is the retractable type. This is fitted by manufacturers and, unfortunately, unless you are prepared to negate warranty (which we do not recommend) you can only have the option of the MAXXRAXX EasyFixx, which will not allow you to Tow and Carry.

If you can live with that you can still have a MAXXRAXX.

What style of MAXXRAXX am I going for?



Voyager Carriers are suitable for all cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles without a rear mounted spare wheel.

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Explorer Carriers are suitable for all vehicles with a spare wheel on the rear of the vehicle as its offset S-Tube provides 25cm to 31cm clearance from the tow bar.
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Pioneer Carriers are suitable for all vans, campervans or vehicles with a spare wheel on the rear due to its offset S-Tube providing 15cm to 21cm clearance from the tow bar.
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So, now you know which tow bar you have or want to have fitted, depending on your usage and which MAXXRAXX Adaptor you require.

You also know which style will accomodate your vehicle design. So now you have one last option to check. And it's probably the most important, as you wouldn't be looking for a bike carrier if you didn't need to carry bikes.

So the last question you need to ask yourself is...

How many bikes do I want to carry?

MAXXRAXX can supply a rack to carry up to 5 bikes providing that:

  1. Your Nose Weight Rating on your tow bar is 100KG or more
  2. You are not wanting to Tow and Carry at the same time

When towing and carrying bikes on your towbar, you need to take into consideration the distance you have given yourself for turning and reversing. MAXXRAXX has a Towing Clearance Chart to help you decide what your limit will be with the style of MAXXRAXX carrier you have, and whether you require a Height Extension to get to the magical number of 4 Bikes!

We really don't know anyone who has purchased a MAXXRAXX and managed to carry 5 bikes whilst towing to this day. If you're out there, we would love to hear from you. Images would be great, too!

So now you have your list to buy a MAXXRAXX Cycle Carrier For Life...

And all you need to do is go to the correct product on our e-commerce site and purchase. We provide UK wide Delivery from Monday to Thursday. Any orders on a Friday will arrive at the start of the following week. Unless you opt for a weekend delivery time.